2018-19 School Year

2018-19 School Year Tuition = $1,500 per student (installment plan and discounts available; for more details, please click HERE)

* Registration Due: July 1st, 2018

To download a registration form, please click HERE

First / last days of classes for BCWLA students: 
Sept. 11th, 2018 (CBSD) + Sept. 12th, 2018 (PSD)  to  May 30th, 2019

Classes meet every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Elementary school locations for 2018-19 classes:

Doylestown (Before-school) -- Linden

Doylestown (After-school) -- Buckingham

Yardley (Before-school) -- Makefield + Edgewood 

As a non-profit organization, we rent space in various elementary schools. Because of this, we are affected directly by each school district's calendar. If there is a school cancellation, or change in schedule (e.g. two-hour delay or early dismissal due to weather), in the school district where a BWLA program is located, we will not have class. 

* Check our website for alerts: http://www.buckscountywla.org
* Please contact our Program Director with any additional questions: directorbcwla@gmail.com

Inclement weather make-up days:

* If there are more than four snow days during a school year, make-up days will be scheduled beginning after the original last day of BCWLA classes.

* Linden & Buckingham Elementary classes will close whenever the Central Bucks School District closes due to inclement weather. 

* Makefield & Edgewood Elementary classes will close whenever the Pennsbury School District closes due to inclement weather.