"Joining the BCWLA program has been an immeasurably important part of my daughters' education this year. Not only have the girls been excited to learn a new language, they have also learned more about the geography and culture of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. The girls are always telling me new Spanish words and phrases, from conversation starters to their favorite fruits. Their pronunciation is excellent and they are so proud to show off what they've learned. As a parent, I've enjoyed the opportunity to visit classes and conference with the teachers to get more insight into the visual and hands-on teaching methods they use. The classes are really fun! We are definitely continuing next year!"

~ Parent of Zoe and Elle, Makefield Elementary School


"My daughter has been learning Spanish for the second year at Linden Elementary School. Her learning path has been a very positive one. My daughter speaks two languages --Arabic and English-- so we feel we are so blessed that she has the opportunity to learn a third language at an early age! We like the program mainly because it is being offered by a native speaker, which makes the pronunciation fluent and accurate. My daughter also loves the way the program introduces the language concepts through games and songs. We also have an open communication with the teacher, which makes us able to follow-up on our daughter's progress. We really hope to continue on this learning path and to expand it in the coming years!"

~ Parent of Tia, Linden Elementary


"My son is currently in the program this year as a Kindergartner and we love it! I know it seems intense for their age, but they have a great balance of academics and fun. This is the best age to learn another language and with the immersion and curriculum, it really is the best program in the area!"

~ Parent of Thomas, Jamison Elementary


“Because she [my daughter] is receiving instruction from native speakers, her pronunciation is very good and fluid. I especially noticed this on a recent family vacation to the Caribbean. Although timid, she summoned the courage to ask for things in Spanish which was great to see. Much of the research on acquiring a second language supports the benefits to a child’s cognitive development when the child is exposed and taught at a young age. My hope is that whether she continues toward a path of fluency or not, stimulating this area of curiosity and development will help plant a seed that will serve her well in her future endeavors. I am happy that my daughter is receiving instruction through this program and hope it will continue to grow and expand in the years ahead.”  

~ Parent of Sofia, Linden Elementary