Señora Verónica Rodríguez Vivas (Head Teacher)

Verónica Rodríguez  was born and grew up in Mexico City.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, with a major in Production Planning and Quality Control Systems, from UPIICSA-IPN (Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences - National Polytechnic Institute). After many years working as an Internal Quality Control Auditor, and with her experience in training and development, she decided to take the opportunity to teach for two years at the Kindergarten level; this experience made her discover how much she loved teaching children. In 2012, Señora Veronica moved to Doylestown, PA, with her family and she has been working at the Bucks County World Language Academy for the last three years. Señora Veronica raised her kids in a bilingual household and she knows firsthand how important the immersion environment can be to the second language learning process. She enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, listening to music, traveling, and swimming. She is excited to share her culture and her native language with the kids at the Bucks County World Language Academy!

Señora Lily Walters  (Head Teacher)

Lily Walters moved to New York City from her native homeland of the Dominican Republic and after studying marketing at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. In addition to being a flight attendant for Air France and a Teacher's Assistant with the Central Bucks School District, she is returning to school to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Social Work. Lily has lived in Santo Domingo, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan and Washington State. She moved to Bucks County five years ago, with her husband and four children, and contiues to enjoy cooking and baking authentic Dominican dishes and desserts. Her passion for her culture and heritage are always present, even when embracing new and unique traditions and foods of other ethnic groups.


Señora Francesca Axe  (Head Teacher)

Francesca Axe was born in Philadelphia and has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Israel and extensively throughout Europe. Señora Francesca studied Elementary Education at Brooklyn College and earned graduate credits in Education in the Penn Literacy Network program at the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught Spanish for the past 13 years to students of all ages, from pre-school to adult. Furthermore, she teaches Hebrew School, leads programs in nursing homes, and is a trained Teacher Naturalist at the Bucks County Audobon Society. Throughout the years, Señora Francesca has attended numerous workshops and seminars on teaching pedagogy. Most notably, she participated in a 10-day study program in Israel for educators in 2009. In addition to Spanish, she speaks Hebrew. In her free time, Señora Francesca enjoys hiking, biking, yoga, pilates, reading, knitting and crocheting. She thoroughly enjoys teaching the students in the BCWLA program!


Señora Denisse Mogollon  (Head Teacher)

Denisse Mogollon was born and raised in a small town in Mexico, but has moved 8 times across 4 different countries (USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain).  She has a passion for education and working with children.  She has nurtured these interests through years of experience as a Room Mother, Brownie Troop Leader, and Spanish Tutor across multiple cultures and schooling systems, while also raising her three daughters to be fluent Spanish speakers. During her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family.  Señora Denisse is very excited to be part of the Bucks County World Language Academy, and enjoys sharing her culture and experiences with all the students!


Señora Sandra Schick  (Head Teacher)

Sandra Schick was born and raised in Mexico City. After receiving a degree in Communication and Public Relations from University Iberoamericana in Mexico City and postgraduate at ITAM Mexico, she served in leading Public Relation functions for Edelman, an international PR Agency in Houston and Mexico as well as Consorcio Ara, a major construction firm in Mexico. In 2004, she joined her husband at Boston, MA; before moving the family in 2016 to Bucks County, PA.  She is a Partner in Grafenberg Communication. Señora Sandra loves to work with people and the community, especially at times working in Massachusetts as Director of Special Projects with a State Senator. In Philadelphia, she joined the International Women's Forum and Red GlobalMX Chapter Philadelphia, a network of highly qualified Mexicans actively collaborating in creating value and developing multinational projects. She developed her passion for teaching by raising her now 11-year-old daughter bilingual in Spanish and English. Señora Schick is very excited to work with the talented team and wonderful students at BCWLA!

Señora Candy Zapata  (Head Teacher)

Candy Zapata was born and raised in Tabasco, Mexico. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University Juarez of Tabasco (UJAT). Her first experience teaching was volunteering in an elementary school as an assistant teacher. Upon graduating from college, she worked in the Human Resources Department of a bakery company. Those experiences have led her to work with a variety of people, although she especially enjoys working with children. Señora Zapata moved with her family to Doylestown three years ago, where she studied English as a Second Language (ESL) at Vita Education Services. She further developed her passion for teaching by raising her three children (ages 17, 20 and 23) in a bilingual household. In addition to spending time with her family, Señora Zapata enjoys working out, walking, running, reading, and being outdoors. She believes strongly in the importance of speaking a foreign language and is very excited to be a part of the BCWLA program. She looks forward to sharing her culture and experiences with all the students!

Señora Evelina Rojas  (Assistant Teacher)

Evelina Rojas was born in Lima, Peru. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology from the Main National University of San Marcos (Lima, Peru). She worked in Interventional Radiology as a licensed technician in the hospital, as well as a professor and trainer in the university. Señora Rojas also completed a course in Business Administration and is currently studying English as a Second Language (ESL) in Bucks County Community College (Newtown, PA). She and her husband were married in Lima, Peru, in 2017 and afterwards moved to Bucks County, PA. Señora Rojas enjoys traveling around the world, working with kids, and sharing her culture and her native language.



Señora Flor Sánchez  (Assistant Teacher)

Flor Sánchez was born and raised in Peru. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Ricardo Palma (Peru). She has developed her passion for teaching by raising her kids to be bilingual in Spanish and English. Señora Flor also has experience working with children in both school and community-based settings. She believes strongly in the importance of speaking another language and understands the benefits of second language acquisition, specifically regarding students' overall learning and relationship-building skills.




Señora Carmen Feliciano (Assistant Teacher)

Carmen Feliciano was born and raised in Isabela, Puerto Rico. She married her husband in 1985 and made it a priority to teach her children about their culture and Spanish language. She is a mother to three children who are fluent in speaking and writing Spanish. She began her journey to working with children in 1997, taking courses at a YMCA to open a daycare. She continued her journey at non-profit organizations that worked with the community, voluntarily helping parents with the daily care of their children, teaching them Spanish and their first steps before starting school. She enjoys reading and learning new things. She desires to be able to serve with her combined knowledge and experience and is excited with the opportunity to be a part of the BCWLA team.

Señor Chip Stubbs  (Substitute Teacher)

Francis "Chip" Stubbs is known to the students as Don Pancho. By an extraordinary concatenation of events, Chip moved to Mexico City on a motorcycle in 1985, weeks before an 8.1 on the Richter scale earthquake occurred.  It was good that he had the bike, as it was needed to get through the rubble to deliver bandages and medicine to those who were wounded.  That event changed his life.  He decided to start a business selling arts and crafts from third world nations in order to help their economies, if even in a small way.  He began to travel the world making more than two dozen trips around the globe (he has driven to Mexico more than 35 times!).  The business led him to Guadalajara one day, where he was looking for blown glass with the popular cobalt blue edge.  He walked into a factory that belonged to his future father-in-law (although he did not know that then).  There he met Carmen in 1993, and they married the next year.  Chip and Carmen speak only Spanish with each other.  David, their son, speaks only Spanish with his mother and mostly English with Chip. Besides Spanish, Chip can defend himself in Malay.  He also studied three years one-on-one with Father Ladislaus Magyar, learning Koine Greek, Latin and German.  He can also get by in Italian and French once he spends a few days in countries where they are spoken.  It is obvious that Chip has a sincere love for languages and he is happy to be a part of the BCWLA program.

Señora Susana Esquivel Marshall  (Substitute Teacher)

Susana Esquivel Marshall was born and grew up in Querétaro, México. She started to study English in elementary school and continued throughout her life. She earned an Associates Degree in Bilingual Administration at the John F. Kennedy Academy in Querétaro, México, and she completed a course in English as a Second Language (ESL) at St. Michael’s College in Vermont.  She also studied German and Italian at Volkschoschule, in Aschaffenburg, Germany for 3 years.  While in Germany, she traveled to many countries in Europe, and became aware that most people there speak at least two languages fluently. This experience inspired in her the desire of one day teaching Spanish in the United States, since Spanish is the second most spoken language in this country. Señora Esquivel has three children (ages 22, 20 and 17). She home-schooled them K-8th grade, adding Spanish to their curriculum.  As a result, her three children are all fluent in Spanish. Her desire to teach Spanish grew while home-schooling her children, but because of her dedication to teaching her kids at home she was not able to fulfill this desire to teach elsewhere. With her kids growing older, Sra. Esquivel is very happy that she has the time now to share her culture and her native language with the children at the Bucks County World Language Academy.

Señora Carmen Nuno-Stubbs (Substitute Teacher)

Maria del Carmen Nuno Stubbs is from Guadalajara, Mexico. She married her husband, Francis Stubbs, in 1994.  They have been together working and traveling for their own business selling handcrafts from Mexico, Asia, South America and Native America.  Señora Carmen has worked for BCWLA for the past four years.  It has been a great experience because the children learn the language with ease in a fun environment.  They are also eager to speak Spanish and have shown much improvement throughout the years!





Señora Christina Marley Harrington  (Substitute Teacher)

Christine Marley Harrington was born in New York City and grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, Florida where, from early childhood, she was immersed in the Cuban culture and Spanish language that surrounded her. She studied Spanish and Portuguese at Boston University and received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in New York. After working for several years in the art and design field, Christine started an elementary Spanish program at her children’s school, where she also taught high school Spanish and served as the foreign language department chair for 10 years. She received a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish from New Mexico State University and has taught as an adjunct Spanish professor at Delaware County Community College. Christine knows firsthand how advantageous early exposure can be to the second language learning process, and she is excited to be a part of the program at BCWLA, which provides this opportunity to elementary-aged students.

Señora Aída Rivera González  (Program Director)

Aida Rivera was born and raised in Mexico City. In 2011, her family moved to the United States, where she has lived in Connecticut, North Carolina and most recently Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She holds a B.S. in Engineering-Food Science, a Master's degree in Productivity and Quality Management, and currently she is studying for her Master's degree in Education at Cedar Crest College.

From the very beginning of her professional trajectory, she had the opportunity to train and coach administrative and operational staff. Gifted with some teaching skills, she was able to engage her audience, make them participate, and put into practice what they learned. She remembers vividly her enjoyment imparting those sessions.  This experience motivated her to be more prepared to improve her classes, deciding to pursue her first master’s degree. This new project paid off immediately, as she improved her competences and was invited to collaborate as an Assistant Professor at her Alma Mater. Later, she held the Academic Chair of the Bachelor's degree program in Engineering-Food Science. In this position, she led a team of faculty and staff members to provide students with authentic, relevant and varied learning opportunities.

“Teaching has been one of my best professional experiences, it came into my life softly, and in a short period of time I was fully engaged in education. Becoming a teacher that creates in students good memories and spreads inspiration has been a source of motivation to be there for them in the best of my versions.”

Sharing the rewarding moments and the struggles when trying to master a second language is her motivation when teaching Spanish. She started studying English very young, and it took her a long journey to get to a satisfactory level. For this reason, she believes that she can help students to discover Spanish and the culture that shape it.

“I want to give my students a shortcut through the best of my experiences gained in the process of acquiring a second language myself.”

She enjoys being outdoors, in touch with nature, taking long walks with her husband, son and doggie, camping, kayaking, and swimming. Traveling with her family, reading, and coffee are her biggest passions.  She looks forward to continuing this amazing journey at BCWLA!