Bucks County World Language Academy


New Year's Day -- Jan. 1: NO BCWLA CLASSES. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! / Bonne Année! / Happy New Year!


BCWLA Classes Resume / Welcome back!

SPANISH Thurs , Jan. 2: ¡Bienvenidos de regreso! 

FRENCH Tues. Jan 7: Nous  saluons le retour!
Library Week (during BCWLA classes) -- Jan. 14, 15 + 16: Each class will have a day this week to explore books form our extensive BCWLA library. Items can also be requested from home through the online library catalog HERE.





Feb. 13 Valentine's Day Party *Fiesta de San Valentin * Fête du Saint Valentin

             Students can invite a friend to join the party!

Feb. 18-20 Open House @ Regular class time

Current and prospect families are invited to visit our language classrooms.