Bucks County World Language Academy

Library Week (during Spanish classes) – Oct. 8 + 10: Each class will have a day this week to explore books form our extensive BCWLA library. To view our online library catalog, please click HERE.

No Classes – Wednesday, Oct. 9: There are no BCWLA classes today, due to the Yom Kippur holiday.

BCWLA Social – Friday, Oct. 25 (details will be emailed to BCWLA families).

Bring a Friend Week – Oct. 29, 30 + 31: Students can invite a friend to class any day this week!  Please contact directorbcwla@gmail.com for a permission slip.

Celebrations – Oct. 31: Students will discuss & celebrate Noche de Brujas (Halloween) & Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in class today.

    * NEW! ... Beginner-level French at Linden Elementary (before-school)! Register HERE.

* NEW! ... Beginner-level Spanish at Jamison Elementary (after-school)! Register HERE.
* RETURNING COURSES ... Spanish (multiple levels) at Linden, Buckingham, Makefield & Edgewood Elementary Schools! Register HERE.